Pool Painting

POOL DOCTOR offers a full range of pool painting services for both Residential and Commercial pools. We provide advice and assistance in painting your pool to deliver a beautiful finish, everytime.  Our pool painting and renovation service uses only the best materials to deliver to the highest customer standards.


                                         Domestic pool painted with LUXAPOOL Epoxy pool coating in Pacific Blue colour


LUXAPOOL® Epoxy Pool Paint       

POOL DOCTOR uses and sells premium quality Australian pool paint brand, LUXAPOOL®.   LUXAPOOL®  Epoxy pool coatings are excellent for all new swimming pool applications and can be used to give a beautiful luxury finish to older pools. Perfect also for use on water features,  LUXAPOOL® is well suited to application over old and new cement render, fibreglass, marblesheen and previously painted epoxies.  Once cured, LUXAPOOL® Epoxy pool coatings provide a smooth and hard surface, which is very easy to maintain.

LUXAPOOL® Epoxy pool paint features a durable finish with improved resistance to chalking, resistance to the effects of salt-water and chlorinated chemicals, is algae controlled and safe for use with fish and mammals.

Luxapool_epoxy_pool_paint Luxapool_Epoxy_Primer_Sealer_Undercoat LUXAPOOL_Structural_Epoxy_Filler_PartAandB  
LUXAPOOL®  Epoxy Pool Paint comes in a 3.5 litre 2-pack: the Epoxy paint and the Hardener.It is available with a Summer or Winter hardener (depending on the temperature you are painting in).
LUXAPOOL® Epoxy Primer Sealer is the recommended first coat when painting Fibreglass, unpainted Cement, Marble Sheen and Pebblecrete pools.

Luxapool SEF (Structural Epoxy Filler) is a fully formulated, under-water grade, 2-pack Epoxy Filler designed for surface repair and medium/fine surface filling prior to the application of Luxapool Epoxy finishes. It is designed for the surface repair of all cement based, pebblecrete, fibreglass and epoxy surfaces. 


To work out how much LUXAPOOL pool paint you require for your pool, visit our LUXAPOOL® Pool Paint Calculator.   To order, or for prices on LUXAPOOL® pool coatings phone POOL DOCTOR on  09 444 6808 or CONTACT US.


We know how to renovate a pool to make it look fantastic. No matter what the state of your pool, we can bring it to life and make it sparkle. We follow a detailed process in ensuring this happens:

  • Pool is completely emptied

  • Surfaces are cleaned and tested to ensure the correct new coating is used

  • Pool substrate is checked for damage and surface preparation is done

  • Coatings are applied during optimal temperature and weather conditions

  • Pool is refilled and monitored to ensure a perfect outcome

  • Pool water is balanced to ensure no damage to the new coating.

Choosing Your Pool Paint Colour

Pool colours can look very different depending upon the weather, the sky, the time of day, the water and pool lighting. You must satisfy yourself as to the suitability of coating and colour prior to application.  LUXAPOOL®  pool paints are available in a large range of beautiful designer colours.  



Please note: LUXAPOOL®  Chlorinated Rubber coatings are not available from Pool Doctor, Auckland.

Do-It-Yourself Pool Painting

For those people wishing to 'do-it-themselves', Pool Doctor also sells LUXAPOOL® premium epoxy pool coatings direct to the public.  We have technical data sheets and application guides available for you to follow.  You can view the LUXAPOOL®  products available in the LUXAPOOL® Epoxy Pool Paint section above. 

To order or for prices on LUXAPOOL® pool coatings, phone POOL DOCTOR on PH 09 444 6808 or CONTACT US.